AzScienceNet network had passed following development stages: In the 80s of the last century for the first time was created Data transmission network (Academset network) that linked Republic Computing Centre based on x 25 technologies. Creation of Internet network in the Republic of Azerbaijan had launched with the establishment of Azerbaijan Gateway of EARN (European Academic & Research Network-European Science and Research Network) organization at the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS In 1991, Azerbaijan station of the E-mail service was established connecting to the "Sovam Teleport" network for the first time in Republic of Azerbaijan and this email service provided an opportunity for institutions and organizations of ANAS, several ministries and state bodies to use services of “Sovam teleport”, “EARN”, “BİTNET”, “ RELCOM”, “İASNET” International Computer networks. The first Azerbaijan gateway of AzScienceNet network which based on TCP/IP technologies and encompassing local networks of the main corpus of the Presidium of ANAS and Institute of Information Technologies as well as providing connection to international internet network was created in 1991. The second Azerbaijan gateway of AzScienceNet network in the main corpus of ANAS was created in 1995. As a result of getting touch via the phone line directly between the first and second gateways, the largest computer network infrastructure began to operate in the Republic.


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